Friday, February 25, 2011

The Flash Of Light Was Me - lyrics

Last night, in my bed,
a dream crept in my head.
I saw when the world will end –
my loved ones, and my friends
pinned down in the park,
huddled in the dark,
they could hear
the hellhounds bark.

Hey little girl what’s the news?
Did you win that game of Clue?
The world’s falling down,
and I can’t find my shoes.

Then I was on a plane
and a thought shot through my brain.
I saw us going down
like an open hospital gown –
the people in first class,
shattering like glass
their screaming
turned to gas.

Hey little girl, did you see
those people on TV?
When that airplane became a flame
the flash of light was me.

But then, I saw your face,
and I tried to find your grace,
but when I saw your eyes
I could see through your disguise –
all the things you do,
how you make me blue,
the tragedy
that’s you.

Hey little girl, did you hear?
Or was daddy drinking beer?
The sun came out today
everywhere but here.

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