Friday, February 25, 2011

Nowhere Bound - lyrics

Waiting for the train, snow is falling fast.
All the people shivering, somehow always last.
They feel the platform fade with the freezing ground.
Soon enough they’ll be there too on a line that’s nowhere bound.

In the gentle glide, the cars rock side to side.
All their eyes are somewhere else, lost within the ride.
They huddle in their coats to read the daily papered news.
Soon enough they’ll hum a song then they’ll stamp it with their shoes.

Gathered for the game, late night cold outside.
All the patrons pack their mugs to toast the city’s pride.
They see the pass go up, as the running ends.
Soon enough they’ll feel the speed of these tracks that curve and bend.

Home just through the door, to rooms so dark and still.
They throw their keys on table tops to make sure it’s still real.
Then they take the plunge in barely folded sheets.
Soon enough they’ll be there too on a journey that repeats.

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