Friday, February 25, 2011

Vignette II (Take It Slow) - lyrics

“Take it slow. Take it slow tonight.
The traffic lights, they curve and arc,
and sometimes, they will miss the mark
like your words.”

Laughed it up. Laughed it up like sin
with your sewing pins. You were out of thread.
“Oh! the songs you make up in your head
will be your end.”

“Wash your hands. Wash before you eat.
This meatloaf can’t be beat. I will wear my gloves
while I serve your vegetables with love
and chocolate milk.”

A waitress said. A waitress said to me
after you set me free, like a rubber band.
“The statues you stand up with your hands
are here and now.”

“I like the rain. I like the rain in spring.
It makes the flowers sing. It makes the weather warm.
And, I even like a raging thunderstorm
to wake me up.”

A girl will say. A girl that I don’t know.
She is beyond what shows, but our paths will meet.
“But, I like the snow, the ice that bites our feet
tomorrow night.”

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