Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things People Assume I Like But I Really Don't Pt. 1

Yep. I don't like Dave Matthew's Band, and most jam bands in general (this would include Phish, The Greatful Dead, and any incarnation of Bela Fleck), but really most of the dislike is pointed at Dave Matthew's Band (Many people are quick to point out that I was in a jam band - The Yooszh. They're right. I still don't like jam bands).

For me, my dislike of DMB boils down to two things:

1. Their sound. I'm a structuralist. I like songs to have a foundation. I don't mind some amount of variation so long as the foundation still remains. I like the music to adhere to some sort of structure, and the same goes for the lyrics and vocals. Every time anyone has ever played DMB for me to show me why they're so awesome it's always sounded like a mismatch of musical sounds. The drummer is doing his thing...the guitarists are doing their got a guy honking some notes on his saxophone...and you got Dave sing some bibbity bobbity lyrics, and the entire sound just sounds like jazz fusion (which I also do not like).

2. The fans. There are a lot of things (as you will soon find out) that I don't like because of the other people who like them. DMB is definitely one. When you encounter a DMB fan DMB IS ALL THEY WANT TO TALK ABOUT AND LISTEN TO! Here's a typical conversation with a DMB fan:

DMB FAN: I see you're listening to All Along the Watch Tower.

ME: Yeah, I really like Bob Dylan.

DMB FAN: Ever heard Dave Matthews version of that song?

ME: Yes I have.

DMB FAN: Pretty awesome, huh?

ME: Uh, I actually prefer the Hendrix cover more.

DMB FAN: Wow really?

ME: Yeah.

DMB FAN: How about after we get done listening to this song we pop in some Dave Matthews and I'll show you some songs...might change your opinion.

ME: I'm kind of enjoying Dylan right now.

DMB FAN: Dylan's quite a lyricist.

ME: I think so.

DMB FAN: So is Dave. He had this one line "Everybody wake up, if you're living with your eyes closed." He's a real poet. Let me play you some stuff off Busted Stuff. That album really turned me onto Dave. You'll probably like it.

ME: I've actually heard it. Like I said, I'm kind of digging Dylan right now.

DMB FAN: How about when you're done you come over to my house. We can light up a J and throw in some DMB.

ME: No, I've got plans after this, but thanks for the offer.

DMB FAN: Wait, do you even like DMB?

ME: No, not really. I don't like the sound. I don't see what's great about them.

DMB FAN: (awkward silence...staring at me...rage filling in their eyes) How can you not like DMB when they're so good?

ME: I just don't.

DMB FAN: I'm sorry I bothered you. Have a good day.

That's a lot longer than I intended to write, but the I think I got the point across. The conversation ends with them either being insulted by the very notion that someone doesn't like this Jesus-like band they love or with them defending DMB thinking they're going to sway my opinion when in fact they never ever do...or will.


silly_sad_machine said...

Dude, you should check out Busted Stuff. It really turned me on to Dave. I think you'd dig it.

In all seriousness, I get what you're saying, but I don't agree about the lack of a foundation in DMB music. It may SEEM that way when you're listening to an official, full-band DMB song, but there really is a strong foundation going on. I don't think I really fell in LOVE with DMB (I'd enjoyed his riffs here and there in high school) until I heard Live at Luther College, the acoustic album featuring just Dave and Tim Reynolds. If you need to be convinced that his songs have a foundation, this is the album to listen to.

Otherwise, shut your DMB-bashing mouth hole! Dylan blows!

silly_sad_machine said...

Oh, and additionally ... This is S.

Ross Gipson said...

i'm aware of who silly sad machine is...and i have heard that album you talked about because you played it for me one time...and my DMB bashing mouth hole remains ever open! you can't hold me down, sir!

Sean T Poindexter said...

Right there with you on DMB. In harder music, we have the same thing happen with fans of Queensryche and Dream Theater--at least with the older fans. With the younger ones its usually Tool, Incubus or Opeth. There is nothing wrong with any of these bands and they are talented musicians, but if you just say you don't care for their music the hardcore fans get LIVID, usually saying things like, "I know, some people don't like really good music."

topherbob said...

I'd be curious who you considered to be a "structured" band. When I read "structured," I think of those pre-packaged pop songs on the radio that follow a specific formula - A, A, B, C, A – and all sound the same. I would argue that rock in and of itself is the rebellion against structure and convention, and improvisation from "jam bands" is the free-form exploration of that rebellion.

Oh...and DMB is the best band ever...

silly_sad_machine said...

For my part, I'm completely okay with the fact that you don't dig on DMB, R, in the same way you're okay with me not particularly liking Dylan. I'm fairly certain you've never tried to push a Dylan album onto me with the assumption that I just hadn't heard the right songs. You don't operate under the pretense that if I don't like the music you like it's because I haven't been exposed to it correctly.

Additionally, Incubus and Tool both rock, but they are WORLDS apart in terms of style. If someone has been telling you, Poindexter, that if you love Cradle of Filth then you'll love Incubus, they're stupid.