Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drinking & Thinking - song

Another old one revamped for uke

Been drinking and thinking
how sanity in me keeps on shrinking.
I'm drinking whiskey, which is risky,
I burnt my midnights into sunlights.
Reality, she put up a good fight,
but with scotch I'm going to watch it
melt away.

Everybody thinks I'm crazy,
and my mind is over hazy
because she left me here
with bitterness and beer.

I'm tripping and flipping
put of my mind I keep on slipping
through make believe I receive

Been drinking and thinking
how people are like eyes that keep blinking.
I'm sipping wine, but I'm not fine
I've seen some motion in the ocean.
Off the coast of everything there is commotion.
I'm holding gin, to my chin,
and setting here.

All their eyes stare straight at me
with criminal degrees.
They think I've lost my way
because I always stay.

I'm where the door meets the floor,
and I won't be back anymore.
I'm mixing mai tais with goodbyes

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