Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh Ugly - lyrics

Baseball men are small
beneath the concrete wall,
but I love this game.
I'd love to see them all.
Their feather beds feel right,
absorb my beams of light.
I sling the garbage bags.
They curse me through the night.

"Oh Ugly! Please let me be!
I'm the one who's really free.
Turn invisible,
and get my stars out of your eyes."

Wrinkles on my skin.
My bones are dry and thin.
Walking seems so slow.
These golden years are dim.
Sometimes I have to cough.
I ticks the bankers off.
They look at me as if
I drink straight from a trough.

"Oh Ugly! I hope you see
I'm so glad it's you not me.
Just hit the road,
and get my stars out of your eyes."

I'm majority,
but I'll never see
the inside of the restaurant
at 1333
on the Upper End of town,
where white shirts go to drown
away their pocketbooks.
I catch their groans and frowns.

"Oh Ugly! Get away from me!
There's somewhere else you should be.
Get on the bus,
and get my stars out of your eyes."

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