Saturday, August 13, 2011

Like Movies For Your Ears - lyrics

Up with the sun. Day has begun.
I'm here too. Wish I had a gun.
Blues in my head make me wish I was dead,
thinking of her in another bed.

Oh lonely...
is this cup of coffee.

On the commute, stuck to my route.
Gridlock grinds on the metro loop.
Inside our cars we're faces in jars.
Met someone's eyes, but we seemed so far.

Oh lonely...
is rush hour daily.

I don't know why
I even try.
It's going to be like this
until I die.

Apartment is still, a silence that kills,
my castle built out of each month's bills.
End of the day, I come here to lay,
the glow of the screen, and feel my mind decay.

Oh lonely...
is nothing on TV.

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